Creative Lead:
Sudarshan Waghmare

Layout / Graphic Design:
Tereza Payne
Julia Rathmayr

Nikola Tasic

Andrea Szabó
Julia Rathmayr

Josh Woodfin
Elizabeth Schlager



Bitpanda Brand Update

– designed with trust in mind


In an industry where a shady, scammy and confusing reputation is hard to shake, Bitpanda recognized the critical need to establish trust with its audience. It wasn’t talking about trust but embodying it through the core of the brand. To achieve this, we rolled up our sleeves to rethink and update our brand. Primary objective? Build a foundation of trust.`

A key aspect of the brand update was to pivot away from the start-up image and present a more mature and established identity. We understood that as the company evolved, it was crucial for our brand to reflect this growth.

To ensure a successful transformation, we focused on creating a more coherent and consistent brand experience. This involved aligning all visual elements, such as logos, colors, illustrations, video and typography, creating a unified and recognizable identity. Additionally, we worked on refining our messaging and communication style to convey professionalism and reliability.

The Work: Art Direction, Graphic & Motion Design

We undertook a comprehensive brand update to build trust. Shedding the start-up allure, we presented a more mature image by creating a cohesive and consistent brand experience.

Sizzle reel I created summarising all brand update efforts

Motion exploration

Based on the foundation of the "Impossible B" logo, I took the opportunity to enhance its versatility by reducing the shape even further and employing it in two distinct ways.

Firstly, I utilized the silhouette version for various applications such as mattes, transitions, and reveals, providing a seamless and interconnected visual experience.

Secondly, I employed the outline version for elements requiring activation, highlights, and framing, adding a dynamic and attention-grabbing touch to the brand's visual identity.

The same principles have been applied throughout the whole visual brand update. 

I use the outline as an intertwining ‘lower third’ element, introducing a
presenter like a stylized Polaroid frame.

The silhouette functions as a separator to insert additional information.

From the impossible shape to impossible compositions

One goal was to let the brand feel more personal and immediate. So, wherever possible, we put people front and center.

Drawing inspiration from the metaphor of the 'impossible shape,' my approach to graphics and footage was designed to collaborate harmoniously in order to craft visually captivating 'impossible compositions.'

These compositions skillfully blend the subject matter with the background, simultaneously separating and intertwining them in a mesmerizing display of visual artistry.

Thumb-stopping design:

It is crucial to adapt to the fast pace and short attention spans of social media posts. Graphics used in these posts need to capture attention immediately, without the need for any introductions.

I incorporated a repeating shape that serves as a visual element, separating the presenter from the background. This shape acts as an activating element, effectively grabbing the viewer's attention and making them pause their scrolling. It serves as a "thumb-stopping" element, compelling the viewer to engage with the content.

Additionally, the use of outline and silhouette mechanics can further enhance the visual impact of these graphics, making them visually appealing and memorable.

Similarly in (digital) out-of-home ads, I utilize the silhouette to introduce information and highlight the subject, creating an attention-grabbing composition..

Social media redesign

Out-of-home concept

No stone left unturned

From typography and taglines to photography styles, motion design and colors - everything has been improved, streamlined and made more coherent. An all-new brandbook was the culmination of the months-long effort.

Assets I created for the Brand Book

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