Chris Who?

is actually Christian Waldhofer,

a Senior Motion Designer, Brand Designer and Art Director, based in Vienna, Austria.

I've been in the industry for over 15 years, working in film production, art education, public information, advertising, and brand design. I know how to bring brands to life with visuals that grab your attention. I blend animation, typography, and visual effects seamlessly to create an amazing experience.

My specialty is crafting motion designs that are visually stunning and get the brand's message across. I'm all about collaborating closely with different teams to make sure we deliver a brand experience that leaves a lasting impact while still staying consistent.

I'm all about the details and have a lot of passion for new trends, smart design, clever animations and breakthrough technologies. I make visuals that not only look great but also effectively show what the brand is all about.

That's me!

Or, just


Past experience:

Seven Filmproduction

Art Director, Virtual Production Consultant

2024 –


Senior Motion and Brand Designer, Art DIrector


MXR Productions

Senior Motion Designer, Art Director


International Atomic Energy Agency

Multimedia Assistant, Motion Designer


ZONE Media

Motion Designer, Video Editor, Technical Supervisor



Video Editor, Motion Designer, Producer


Golden Girls Filmproduktion

Post-Production Supervisor, Video Editor


Obligatorty Client Name Drop (A-Z):

A1, Asfinag, Asics, BIG, Bitpanda, Bob, Burger King, Croma, ERSTE Group, EVN, Gardena, Haus der Geschichte, HOANZL, ING, Innocent, International Atomic Energy Agency, Interspar, JKU, JÖ, Julius Meinl, Kapsch, Kino wie noch nie, Leopold Museum, Magenta Telekom, Morawa, OMV, Red Bull Media House, Samsung, Schloss Hof, Stiegl, Swisscom, T Mobile, Verbund, Viennale, Waterdrop, WeAreDevelopers, Wien Energie, Wiener Städtische, WKO, Zoot Woman, and many more.

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