Selected Works, 2015-2017

During my tenure at the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, also known as the world's "Atoms for Peace and Development"​ organization within the United Nations family, I was actually initially hired to work more as a production generalist, doing editorial camera and editing work as well as assisting in press conferences and live studio situations. But I also had the pleasure to introduce the Agency to in-house motion graphics and animation for the first time, showing that  there is a need for animations that make it possible to break down complex scientific work in a way that is accurate but also much simpler for an audience to comprehend. Having the ability to quickly create motion design work with quick turnaround and flexibilty also enabled me to create a lot of promotional work that otherwise wouldn't have been possible that way. These are some excerpts of that work.

The Work: Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation


This is the IAEA

Motion Design proposals for an introductory video explaining the work of the IAEA in several chapters.

World Cancer Day

Re-illustrated and animated billboard based on brochures, which has been projected onto the walls of the Vienna International Centre to raise awareness for World Cancer Day.


Peaceful Uses Initiative

Illustrations and animations for a video promoting peaceful
uses of nuclear technology.

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