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The Teahouse

– tea is liquid wisdom. Come in and have a sip!


Educating yourself about finance is hard. Working in this industry, I know how difficult this information can seem, how complicated it can sound, and frankly, how boring it can come across. Especially during the pandemic, many people got interested in the idea of investing and its importance. It is important for people to feel like they know what’s going on and what they can do with their own money. To know it's not only reserved for those who are already wealthy with inherited knowledge.

That’s why The Teahouse came to life. It's light-hearted, funny and relaxing, while shedding light on some important topics in finance and crypto.

This flagship YouTube format instantly became popular with the crowd, raked in a considerable number of views and really stood out in the sea of boring corporate finance videos.  All organic with no Euros spent on a media budget.

The Work: Concept, Art Direction, Motion Graphics

Educating yourself about finance can be difficult, boring and anxiety-inducing. This format aims to change that.

The Teahouse is an ongoing YouTube series with the goals of entertaining and educating everyone about personal finance. From start to finish created by the video team at Bitpanda we used friendly and familiar faces from within the company to present the videos, leveraging existing talent. We even launched a social media spin-off called Tea2Go.

The Teahouse premiered on YouTube in 2022, and was promoted via social media and continues to be used as evergreen content in the company's E-Mail sendouts.



The art direction aims to enhance relatability and emphasize the nature of the content. The graphics used are simple yet effective, serving as visual aids that complement and reinforce the presented information. The visuals are designed to play with the host’s narrative without overpowering their presence.

Additionally, the graphics contribute to the fun and playful tone of the video, adding an element of humor and entertainment. Overall, the visual elements in the video create an engaging and enjoyable experience for viewers while delivering valuable knowledge about personal finance.



Visual Style


In an industry with a scammy, sticky reputation, we wanted to build trust. Trust in the topic, trust in the brand and trust in for the users themselves. All while still cracking a joke and entertaining.

And the users really liked it.

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