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Theresa Komornyik
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Bitpanda Weekly Recap

– designed for scale


The Bitpanda Weekly Recap was a captivating video series that offered comprehensive insights into cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the financial world. The goal was simple: Provide audiences with the latest news in the industry, while staying brief, educational and entertaining.

To meet the demand for parallel production in multiple languages, across various channels and countries, a scalable motion design solution was implemented, creating visually appealing and informative videos.

This method has enabled the production of over 170 entertaining, informative videos in the course of 18 months that managed to connect Bitpanda better to its community.

The Work: Concept, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Templating

In 2021, upon examining the strategies of our competitors, we discovered a remarkable opportunity to make our mark by creating top-notch video content.

Inspired by this potential, we brainstormed various formats (like The Teahouse), ultimately conceiving the Weekly Recap. This exciting concept allowed us to deliver regular, high-quality video summaries, setting us apart and connecting with our audience in a fun, yet meaningful way.

Bitpanda's very own hosts delved into the week's significant events, providing insightful analysis and highlighted market trends, noteworthy news, and key industry updates in English, German and Italian.

This project posed several challenges:

Because financial markets are always on the move, news is breaking constantly – which meant we had limited time, going from research to scripting, shooting and post-production for each episode.

Additionally, we wanted to release all episodes in English and German, with Italian following suit after, with short teaser assets for Instagram and Twitter.

A lot of video content needed to be produced in different formats and languages in a short time period – and all of this with a very lean production team.


In fast-paced videos like the Weekly Recap, where information is presented rapidly, it is crucial to use graphics that are simple to read and easy to decipher. 

Additionally, incorporating a well-designed visual guidance system, like chapter overviews, progress sliders and color coding, helps viewers navigate through the video smoothly and understand the stream of information being presented.

This ensures that the rapid nature of the video does not compromise the viewer's comprehension.


Building for scale

To be able to achieve high-turnover rates I created flexible templates that any given editor could use on-the-fly while creating each episode in English, German and Italian.

These templates automatically adjusted themselves depending on the amount of text, position, formatting and media content.

While English and German had been produced in-house, the Italian recap had been outsourced to an external company, which has easily been onboarded to this templating system.


By employing this approach, we successfully created a remarkable collection of more than 170 informative, engaging videos that connected the company better to its vast community, building trust.

The modular structure of the graphics templates played a pivotal role in expediting the production process, allowing us to accomplish this feat with a small team within an impressively short timeframe.

The reception of these videos has been overwhelmingly positive, further affirming the effectiveness of our approach.