Technical Design:
Michael Salomon

Technical Partner:
AV Professional

Interior Consultant:
Studio Tina Hausmann


Bitpanda Studio

– a versatile, creative space


This is not just a place to shoot videos, it's built to be a vibrant and collaborative space, designed to ignite creativity and bring ideas to life. With three versatile setups, including meticulously crafted built sets and a cutting-edge video wall, ready for virtual production, this studio caters to a wide range of creative needs. From filming and photography to live-streaming and ideation, each space offers multifunctionality and serves as a catalyst for experimentation.

The Work: Concept, design, supervision, video wall implementation

Usually, studios are dark and strictly utilitarian spaces. I wanted to create a space that feels natural, welcoming, inspiring and fosters imagination and innovation. 


The design included five distinct spaces. Three for production, one ‘Green Room’ area for preparation and one control place.

But each area is equally intended for various uses. From deep-work space, towards the meeting and ideation area, to a post-production powerhouse;everything is laid out for bouncing ideas and bringing those ideas to life immediately thereafter.


The wall

At the heart of the primary set lies a remarkable video wall, boasting 4K resolution, 10-bit color depth, HDR capability, and a staggering 120 frames per second. This cutting-edge technology not only facilitated rapid and efficient productions but also served as an exceptional green-screen alternative, seamlessly transporting viewers into diverse and captivating realms at the mere click of a mouse button.

It can be used for videos with quick turnaround times, panels, interviews, but also high-quality commercial and product shoots.


Set Control

The whole studio, including the video wall and the lighting, is controlled from this table which can be turned around to face the respective set in use. If there aren’t any productions, this station can also be used for editing, VFX work or color grading.


Community and collaboration

This light-flooded work area is thoughtfully created to foster collaboration and experimentation, providing a space where individuals can gather to meet and engage in lively discussions, sharing and refining their ideas.

With the closing of the curtains, the area seamlessly transitions into an experimental zone, allowing for immediate implementation and testing of these ideas.



Fitting a studio into a regular office space was labor intensive. A myriad of special adaptations had to be made, like completely new cabling and electrical work for the video wall, as well as a bespoke two-component truss system for the lighting equipment, not compromising the integrity of the building’s air conditioning system in the floors and ceilings. Special supports had to be set to carry the weight of the video wall.


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